Saturday, March 29, 2008

About Us

The Buddies Society of Ipoh was set up to provide support service to People Living With HIV/AIDS, their families and friends. Initially we operated as a wing under the Perak Family Health Association (formerly known as Family Planning Association). In 2004 we decided to set out on our own as a separate NGO, registered under the Registrar of Societies.

Most of the cases referred to us are from the HIV Clinic at the Ipoh General Hospital. When we offer our services and the patients agree to accept, we will assign the most suitable volunteer (based on age, gender, race, etc) to the PLWHA (our "client") and the volunteer will become the "buddy".

Other than providing support services to PLWHAs, the following portfolios we have summarise the kind of services/activities we have:

1. Client welfare/PAF
2. Buddy Bear
3. HIV Clinic
4. Outreach
5. Children Education Fund (CEF)/Education Sponsorship for Children
6. Fellowship
7. Training
8. Publicity & Recruitment
9. Peer Support
10. Volunteer Care

A separate posting on each portfolio will further explain what we do.